Thursday, 8 April 2021

Strides Taken in 20-21


Dear Member,

What a year this has been!

Last March, none of us had imagined how the next few months will roll out, challenging so many of our beliefs on how differently life can be lived and business done!

We at Mumbai Angels Network went through a similar journey both as an organization and as a team. I am happy to report that as we doubled down on our efforts and embraced innovation and technology; we delivered one of our best years ever.

1.Exits and Next round investments: The last year has been great for our portfolio. Around 36 of our 160+ strong portfolio, saw exits and next round investments. Some star exits/ next rounds were: PurplleExotelOne point Six TechnologiesGegadyneUnocoinMcaffeineToch and Unlu. Our focus is simple: we are about exits not just investments.

2.Investments: We funded 35 innovative start-ups across industries and deal sizes. Some of the notable investments included Big Bang Boom Solutions (Defence Tech-INR 7.3 Crores), Chargezone (EV-INR 5.4 Crores), Svami (Consumer-INR 3.8 Crores), Blu Smart Mobility (Mobility / EV-INR 3.6 Crores) Dhruva (Space Tech-INR 2.7 Crores), and several others like Hemp Horizon and Prescinto.

3.Virtual Showcase: Once we switched the investor showcase format to virtual, we could increase the number of new start-ups being showcased from 8 to 12 a month. This enabled members from across the globe to invest in a wide variety of geography and sector agnostic start-ups.

4.Increased Deal flow: We are now evaluating 8,000-10,000 deals a year, shortlisting 100-120 of them for our members. This is a highly curated deal flow of 1-2% of startups that we see.

5.Trending Deals: Of the wide choice of Open Deals, our Trending Deals section enables investors to have more focused conversations on 6-7 trending start-ups and take informed decisions.

6.Sector focused conversations: We have started focusing on some key verticals, through a mix of knowledge sessions, virtual summits and sector focused showcases. We have started with LifesciencesFlavorsEdTech and Online Gaming with more in the pipeline.

7.Knowledge and Academy sessions: We conducted several learning sessions, masterclasses and engaging conversations across topics including Angel Investing, Lifesciences, Horeca, Gaming and Cryptocurrency. We also launched our Global Start-ups Platform starting with South Korea.

8.Expanding Network: Our membership expanded to over 40 cities across the globe, and we are now a 550+ strong member network.

9.Family office Offering: We started engaging with Family Offices who are looking to deploy 4-5% of their overall portfolio to the early stage venture asset class.

Our vision is to make MA the preferred destination for early stage venture investing, hence becoming an integral building block for the $5 trillion Indian economy. What we have achieved this year only reinforces my commitment for FY 2022 and forward.

Thank you for being part of MA.

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