About Mumbai Angels

Mumbai Angels, we started with a spark!

The inception to what is today amongst India's leading angel group was laid in mid-year 2006. Investing a company with no history was a fairly radical and new concept in a population with a very conservative mindset. 'Angel investment' as a separate asset class of investment was born when Sasha Mirchandani and Prashant Choksey joined hands and worked towards helping young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas or young companies. Entrepreneurs in their own family run business, they started meeting entrepreneurs over coffee to start screening ideas and ventures for potential investment.

Eventually after many meetings and several cups of coffee, they shortlisted and made their first angel investment in a start-up in mobile space called Mkhoj (now known as Inmobi). Things started taking shape gradually as both the founders worked hard on building the platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors leading to the formation of Mumbai Angels. This was the beginning of the start-up story in India and efforts from members of groups such as Mumbai Angels gave additional boost to talented people who were looking to start-up! Mumbai Angels Venture is set-up as a non-profit organisation to cater to investment needs of Angels and Entrepreneurs