Friday, 19 March 2021

Explore Partnerships and Investment Opportunities in South Korea with MA!

Apart from giving the world groovy K-Pop tunes and binge-watch worthy dramas, South Korea is home to a vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem! It’s no secret that South Korea is a hub of innovation, being home to world electronics giants Samsung and LG, leading automobile companies Hyundai and Kia Motors among many others. South Korea also beats most nations in having the world’s fastest internet connections.


The bottom-line is that South Korea is a striking melting pot of culture, style, and technology, that is on the forward march, making several breakthroughs in diverse spaces, which is why it was only natural for MA Global Platforms to bring you incredible startups from this nation with whom you can explore partnership and investment opportunities!


With policy changes and continuous amendments it is now possible for the Indian investor to explore and make investments in other countries apart from India. For an in-depth look at how overseas direct investment in countries like South Korea can be an option for you, tune in on the 24th of March at 5.30 pm for our special event - MA Global Platforms presents South Korea!


About MA Global Platforms:

MA Global Platforms is an exciting new offering by Mumbai Angels Network, that brings you the best in startups from across the globe. Learn more about the process of investment and explore partnership opportunities that can help you grow your business! The startups that we bring to you are looking to demonstrate their technology, look for sales partners, business development or investments. MA Network’s platform continues to introduce global companies to the Indian investor, to enable their India entry in the most efficient manner. Through this channel, MA plans to continuously introduce innovative and unique offerings from across the world to its investors as well as to the larger ecosystem in its role as a leading angel investing platform. MA is equipped to handhold through the entire investment and post-investment process.



For more information about this event or Mumbai Angels Network, please feel free to reach out to us at  / 


It would give us great pleasure to have you in attendance!

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