Friday, 13 July 2018

Mumbai Angels Network announces bridge round in The Parfait Co


Mumbai Angels (The MA Network) has announced its participation in the bridge round for The Parfait Company.

The Parfait Company a manufacturer of packaged ice creams and frozen desserts , is a part of The MA Network’s existing portfolio.

The company was founded in 2014 by Sharmeen Indorewala and Basheera Indorewala, with a menu of twelve flavours of French style parfait. Being the only brand in India and across the world to manufacture packaged French parfait they have created a unique position for themselves on supermarket freezer shelves and in the hearts of their loyalists.

French Parfait is ice cream’s fussy French cousin and TPC’s endeavor was to deliver all natural, preservative, stabilizer, emulsifier and gluten free parfait to India’s increasingly growing health conscious consumer.

Parfait raised its angel investment round from the MA Network in 2017. The round was led by  Vikas Khemani and V Hari.

The existing investors from the MA Network have participated in the current bridge round, which is a strong testimonial to their support and belief in the company’s model and the founders’ ability to scale the company in the fast growing food business.

“Our investment in the bridge round for Parfait is a part of our broader strategy to support ventures not just at the initial angel investment round but through their journey as they scale and demonstrate strong traction. Parfait is also a key name in our growing food and FMCG portfolio” said Nandini Mansinghka, CEO and MD, Mumbai Angels Network.

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