Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Steps to become an Angel Investor

Why is Startup investing exciting?
It's exciting to think about all the behind the scenes work going on at a start up's end and to know you had a hand in making it happen.
It's also exciting imagining the potential sky high return on investment you could make.

Educate yourself - Angel Investing Masterclass

As angel investing has become more well-known and popular, highly experienced angels with good returns have produced a growing wealth of material to help others develop and grow their angel investing skills. Mumbai Angels Network conducts workshops and events, where you can meet seasoned angel investors, industry experts & entrepreneurs, watch StartUp pitches and get a sense of how to assess & invest in a startup.

Ask experienced Angels for advice

Asking questions provides a jump start in developing relationships and building your angel network for investing together in the future.  So it makes sense to start your journey by asking questions about being an angel.

Join an Angel Group

Join an angel group or Angel network whose members have expertise and successful track record. Trying to be a lone angel tends to further increase the risk of angel investing. The addition of multiple opinions and insights from others with varied and relevant experience can lead to higher probabilities of success
 To more about Angel Network Click Here or Join us as Angel Investor

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